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When we went to Borneo in the city of Banjarmasin, don’t forget to come to the famous culinary city. here there is a wide range of foods and pastries typical of Banjarmasin. we can find this special food along the way. we can also visiting the restaurant – specifically renowned restaurant serves typical here. many vendors who sell food. are you curious?? Let’s explore together.

TEMPOYAK ( Rp : 12.500)

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This is one of the many kinds of food which famous in Banjarmasin. Tempoyak is a dish that originated from the fermented durian fruit. Tempoyak is a food which is usually consumed as a side dish of rice friends. Tempoyak also can be eaten directly (this is rarely done, because many can not stand the acidity and aroma of tempoyak itself). Moreover, the seasoning made ​​tempoyak.

Tempoyak known in Indonesia (especially in Palembang Sumatra and Kalimantan) and Malaysia. In Palembang itself, the food is eaten with chicken.
Then the durian flesh separated from the seeds, and then a little salt. Once completed, then added with cayenne pepper can speed up the fermentation process. However, the fermentation process can not be too long because it will affect the final taste.

After the above process is completed, the dough is stored in a tightly closed. Arranged to be stored at room temperature. It could also be put in the refrigerator (not the freezer) but will run slower fermentation.

Tempoyak aged 3-5 days suitable for making chili because it was sour but there is still a sense of sweetness. Tempoyak Sambal Teri usually combined with fish, carp, tilapia or other fish.


SOTO BANJAR ( Rp : 8500)

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Soto Banjar is a typical tribal Banjar, South Kalimantan with the main ingredient of chicken and aromatic spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves. Soup contains chicken meat already disuwir-shredded, with extra cakes or boiled potatoes, boiled eggs, and a diamond. As well as chicken soup, seasoning Soto Banjar be onions, garlic and pepper, but do not wear saffron. Seasoning sauteed first with a little cooking oil or cumin oil until fragrant before being put into the stew chicken broth. Spices will be appointed in order not to go into the bowl when served.



PAKASAM ( Rp : 15.000)

Pakasam is a fish that has been in Jaruk (banjo term) for food preservation with acid or salt. Give salt fish for a few days, using a little vinegar and a sprinkling of cold rice and roasted dried, and then acidified with fish come earlier. Usually fish are the most widely used sepat fish, but can also be other freshwater fish. Pakasam itself there are two types, there is an acid that looks wet, and there is a dry form, Pakasam will last longer if stored in the refrigerator. Some people call it by name Iwak Haruk, haruk bad or foul means.


BURAS ( Rp : 6.000)

LONTONG is a traditional Indonesian food. Some areas have a typical LONTONG each, including the South Kalimantan has lontong Banjar.

The food is similar to the native or lepet in Javanese. Equally wrapped in banana leaves, but it feels different, especially the taste of fat between the two snacks. Lontong also has a distinctive aroma. Besides the presentation was not the same way.

Compared lontong from other regions in the archipelago, lontong Banjar has a different way of wrapping. If rice cake wrapped in banana leaves in general by way of rolled, folded banana leaf rice cake Banjar isosceles triangles.

Whether it was how to wrap earlier or different cooking techniques, this Banjar lontong certainly feels soft on the tongue than lontong general elliptic. This can be evidenced by the number of comments I’ve ever tasted immigrant lontong Banjar.

Tender and soft rice cake Banjar even spread to the virtual world. If you do not believe it, check any number of websites themed cuisine. Some of these review Banjar lontong plus a different flavor from the others.

Lontong Banjar traders usually sell food in the morning. So it is often used as a full breakfast menu for families who did not get puffed kitchen earlier in the day. A serving usually consists of two rice cakes. But if eating voraciously, may have three LONTONG.

MANDAI ( Rp. 15.000)

Mandai or rind Tiwadak (Cempedak). Banjar people refer to the skin as mandai Cempedak and there is also a call dami. Mandai has long been used as a side dish alternative to the Banjar, if only to remember to eat the fruit most people do not think to take advantage of his skin. Before processing, the outer skin peeled Cempedak so it appears white and then cleaned. Mandai usually can not directly be fried but must be soaked in water first that aims to make it soft and easy going when fried.


if you are a true culinary??
not complete if you have not tasted this food soon .. ^_^


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