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A great journey to see a journey of life:



Dini Tian Puspita


The amazing journey started after the ‘unique one’ (Genta, Arial, Ian, Zaran and Riani) and Arial’s sister (Arinda) choosed to take away for three months. They might not seen each other with their own agreement. Because they have been always together, since they were in High School. Then they will go to somewhere that they never imagine before, MAHAMERU.

Mahameru is the top of Mount Semeru that has 3676 meters over the sea and is the highest top in Java. The ‘unique one’ started they journey in Stasiun Senen, Jakarta, on August 15th at 03.00 pm to go to Stasiun Malang by Matarmaja (name of economic train in Indonesia). Then they will spent 24 hours until the train stopped in Malang, where is the nearest city to go to Mount Semeru.

The destination by economic train is the first time for them, except Genta. Because he has ever been in Semeru before. The ‘unique one’ felt really different than they go to somewhere with an enjoyment transportation. They have seen the value of live in a different point of view. The snack sellers, beggars, street singers, and also sweepers are in one roof, all in that train that they will never seen them in an executive train.

On the way to go to Malang, they will been through Jogja, Madiun and Blitar. That is why the train called Matarmaja, it has been through Malang, Blitar, Madiun and the last, Jakarta. They also have seen a beautiful live panorama like a wide rice field and some people going through the field to a little mosque when the sun goes down. Zafran has said that it was my Indonesia.

Twenty four hours has gone, the ‘unique one’ arrived exactly at 03.00 pm in Stasiun Malang. Then they rent a car (it was actually public transportation) to countinue the journey to Taman Nasional Bromo Tengger Semeru (TNBTS), Tumpang. It is the first place to start the adventure to Mount Semeru and the real journey will be started from this point. The way to go to Mount Semeru are Ranu Pane – Ranu Kumbolo – Savana – a dark Forest – Kalimati – Arcopodo – Mahameru.

Firstly, they must go to Ranu Pane by Jeep, a big car with four while drive. It is because the road is impossible could through only by on foot. Suddenly, Riani said surprisingly that she have seen a beautiful cloud. Genta answered that it was not a cloud but it was lake. Lake Pane. Ranu Pane. So, Ranu is lake. The sun was gone when they started to build a camp. They must woke up in the early morning at 04.30 am.

And the journey continued, they used to hike hardly to go to Ranu Kumbolo. In this session, Zafran’s feet was injured. The blood flow rapidly out froum his shoes. Genta has sai.d to all his friends to got exercise everyday, because the road is hard to be through. But, Zafran not really has attention on it. Then he change his shoes with his sandal (sandal that only used to hike) after Riani has took care of his feet. And the journey goes on. They took a long breathe and got a bit rest in a hill when they saw a wide beautiful lake, Ranu Kumbolo.

At 12.00 am they have already in Ranu Kumbolo. The other hikers are also took a rest in that place. All people who used to hike have the same purpose, achieve the top, Mahameru. So, when they met each other, they have to say hello or something like that. The ‘unique one’ has almost do it. It was fun for them. After take a breake and finished their lunch, they continued their journey to Arcopodo, a place to stay over night until the sun goes up and the top come closer. They could not be patient to reach Mahameru.

The beatiful savana, the dark cold forest and Kalimati have been trough. The dark cold forest is the most terrifying place, but it is good when Genta, Arial, Arinda, Riani, Ian and Zafran have seen a beautiful edelweis. Then they arrived in Arcopodo to spent a night and must woke up at 02.20 when they want not be late to attend Indonesia Independent ceremony in Mahameru.

From Arcopodo, the ‘unique one’ just bring their bacpack, not a carrier. Because the road is harder than before. They need to get closer each other to avoid any risk. And finally, they have stood in a higher spot in Java. They have almost not believe it. They have ever stood in Mahameru. It was like a dream comes true. They also certainly have to thanked God of all His bless. And the tears by six people has flowed down. Then they have sung Indonesia Raya when they follow the ceremony.

So, when I allowed to get a conclusion, I could say that this story is the way to see a perspection of life. A journey is not only to refresh our mind or to get fun, but also it could be an answer of our question of life when we want to open our eyes widely. Then the ‘unique one’ goes home proudly. Because they have succesed to be trough their advanture, their journey of life. And they would not get free this unforgotable experience. They have been saved it deeply in their memory.


*This story based on a best seller novel by Donny Dhirgantoro. “5 cm”.

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